New Instrument! The Singing Bowl

  • Laura Teutsch
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The other instrument that was recently given to me as a gift is a singing bowl.  The singing bowl descends from the Chinese standing bell, which was made of bronze and struck with a mallet.  The name’s reference to the instrument’s ability to “sing” comes from the method of playing it which involves rotating a soft mallet around the outside of the rim, creating much the same effect that one would achieve by rubbing a damp finger along the rim of a wine glass. 

The singing bowl is perhaps most known for its uses in meditation, relaxation, yoga, prayer, and other personal spiritual activities. In music therapy, the singing bowl has countless applications.  It can be used for all the things I’ve just mentioned, it can be used as a drone to support a vocal improvisation, it can be used to indicate transition periods within a session, it can be used to explore academic concepts with school children, and so much more. I’m greatly looking forward to exploring all the possibilities of the singing bowl with my clients!